COMMES Model Group Announcement

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Hosting the GalactiCon Model Room this year will be the Colorado Modeling Militia Enjoying SciFi (COMMES). They will be sharing and coordinating the space with the local Lego groups. Learn more about them at: http://www.commiesmodeling.com/ https://www.facebook.com/ipmscommiesmodeling Get your tickets and … Read More

Matt Haslam

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πŸš€ Exciting News! Join us at GalactiCon in Denver, CO, from November 24-26, 2023, at the Denver Marriott Tech Center. We’re thrilled to announce our special guest, Matt Haslam, a renowned visual effects artist with a passion for bringing cinematic … Read More

Ross Mullan

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🌟 Unveiling Our Enigmatic Guest! 🌟 Prepare to be amazed, because we have a special guest who’s journeying from England to be part of the inaugural GalactiCon in Denver! πŸš€ 🌌 Introducing Ross Mullan 🌌 You may know him as … Read More

J.G. Hertzler

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🌟 Exciting News for Trekkies at GalactiCon 2023 in Denver, CO! 🌟 Prepare to engage warp drive, because we’ve got an incredible guest joining us at the Denver Marriott Tech Center on November 24-26, 2023. πŸš€ 🌌 J.G. HERTZLER 🌌 … Read More

Carrie Vaughn

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🌟 Exciting News for Supernatural Adventure & Fantasy Fans! 🌟 Get ready to immerse yourself in a world of mystery, magic, and heroic tales at GalactiCon 2023 in Denver, CO! We’re thrilled to announce the presence of the incredibly talented … Read More

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