Known for her captivating storytelling, Carrie Vaughn is the mind behind the beloved supernatural adventure series starring radio host and werewolf, Kitty Norville. Her intricate narratives have entranced readers globally, making Kitty Norville's escapades essential for paranormal enthusiasts. Notably, she collaborates with George RR Martin on the riveting Wild Cards anthology, adding depth to an already enthralling universe.

From the far away lands of the Lone Star State by way of Chicago, Illinois... It's Colossal Senpai! Colossal is a nationally recognized competitive cosplayer and an internationally recognized performer, having countless awards to his name. Primarily known for his choreography and stage work, Senpai has made a name for himself for his intricate performances, dance routines, and leaving it all on the contest stage. He has even made a judge cry on two separate occasions!

He's here to make sure our contest is as top notch as our cosplayers.

Renowned as the visionary founder of both the Star Trek and Star Wars Official Fan Clubs, Dan Madsen's legacy resonates throughout the galaxy. Notably, he pioneered the inaugural Star Wars Celebration in Denver back in 1999, setting a standard for fan events. Beyond his influential fan community work, he even graced the silver screen with his presence in Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace. Don't miss the chance to immerse yourself in the vast universe of Dan Madsen's contributions.

Heather (aka. HeatherAfter Cosplay) is an artist, model and longtime cosplayer. A part of the convention scene since 1996, her passion for cosplay and all things pop culture led Heather to quickly become a Master cosplayer. She has been honored to be a cosplay judge, host and guest at conventions throughout the country, as well as represent various businesses and charity organizations. Having travelled the globe, Heather is living her 'Happily Ever After' in the Rocky Mountains with her husband Jason (MartinArt Studio), and their son Jathen.

Jason Martin has been an illustrator all his life. His first professional job was with Dark Horse Comics in 1993. This led to more work in the Comic Book industry. His work in comics quickly segued to contracts worldwide with a variety of companies: Topps Trading Cards, White Wolf, Xbox, Playstation, Disney, Hasbro, Ziff-Davis, IGN and various others. Jason's artwork has even been featured in movies! Examples include Kevin Smith's Mallrats and Universal Pictures Paul starring Simon Pegg.

We welcome respected Visual Effects Artist, Matt Haslam, as our special guest. With an impressive portfolio, Matt Haslam has brought cinematic wonders to life through his miniature designs, prop creations, and mesmerizing pyro effects in hit films like Blade II, My Favorite Martian (1999), Daredevil (2003), and Godzilla (1998).

Personify Cosplay is an award-winning Colorado cosplayer who has been cosplaying since 2015. When they first began, the word "cosplay" had not come across their vocabulary but they knew that they loved this method of self-expression as soon as they donned their first costume. They have done over 100 cosplays in their cosplay career and have shown no signs of stopping anytime soon. Their goal in cosplay is to have fun and spread as much love and positivity as they can.

Randy James worked on Star Trek for 11 years. he started out as a waiter in 10 Forward on Star Trek: TNG, and worked as a full time stand in on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine for all 7 seasons.  Randy appeared in over 60 episodes of DS9 and is known to fans as Lt. Jones. He had lines and credits in 3 episodes of DS9. He also beamed down with Picard and crew in Star Trek: First Contact

Dahlia (they/them) is a non-binary creator and an award-winning veteran of the cosplay scene with almost 25 years of experience. From competing across the nation to building competitions from the ground up, they've seen it all and are so eager to share their knowledge with beginners and experts alike. Dahlia loves connecting with their community on their (very chaotic) Twitch stream, as well as encouraging people along in their cosplay journey - after all, cosplay is for everyone!

Stitched in Starlight started cosplaying with her partner in 2015. She learned to crochet in 2016, and in 2017 she decided to meld the two passions together. Since then, crochet cosplay has become their signature, and every cosplay has at least one crocheted piece incorporated within it. They are now a Masters-level cosplayer and compete with yarn as a primary medium. Stitched in Starlight is a plus-size, neurodivergent, queer cosplayer who advocates strongly for cosplay as a form of self-expression.

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