GalactiCon is made up a crack team of fans with decades of combined experience at conventions all over the area, including Denver Comic Con, StarFest, GalaxyFest, MileHiCon, Colorado Anime Fest, WhimsyCon and more.

Dwight T – Dealers Room Lead

What’s Dwight Doing?
Dwight will be working coordinating our Dealers Room at GalactiCon.

Convention Background
You might recognize Dwight from his 25 years around working StarFest.  Dwight also worked Mile High Horror Film Festival, and co-created the Colorado Festival of Horror

Interesting Fact
Dwight has “slowed down” to 6-7 shows a year now.  10 years ago, he was doing 26 shows per year!

About Dwight
“I am a major fan of Sci Fi and Horror, love those Zombies!! I worked at Haunted Houses for about 20 years. Worked at the StarFest Convention for 25 years.”

Beth K - Guest Lead

What’s Beth Doing?

Beth will be working with Celebrities & Guests Convention

Convention Background

Beth is most familiar to everyone from her work with Denver Comic Con. Interesting Fact Beth wanted to get involved with Denver Comic Con working with volunteers. Soon, her niche was discovered to be dealing with the Celebrities & Guests! She gets to travel along with Celebrities on behalf of their agents.

Interesting Fact
When not working with Celebritities, Beth is a hardworking College Professor.

About Beth

Since those days at Comic Con, Beth travels and works as a Celebrity Liaison and does Photo Ops. She recently has been working Fan Expo in Philadelphia & Dallas.

Vernon C - Model Show Chair

What’s Vernon Doing?
Vernon is resuming his role chairing the Model Show at GalactiCon.

Convention Background
You probably recognize Vernon from StarFest/StarCon as well as pretty much every Modeling Contest in the area.

Interesting Fact
Vernon likes to get people not just watching but doing things.  He’s been with Colorado Modeling Militia Enjoying SciFi (COMMES), NDK & MileHiCon in all different capacities.

About Vernon
Vernon says he’s very passionate about his modeling activities.  Vernon has been doing ModelFest for 27 years!

Heather S - Operations Lead

What’s Heather Doing?
If you haven’t met Heather, she is the Commander Riker of the Con and will be handling all the operations.

Convention Background
Heather moved to Denver in and started doing cons in 2016.

Interesting Fact
Heather is a Super Fan of cons and been attending them since 2010 which now has turned into working multiple Cons.

About Heather
I love fantasy, dragons, vampires, elves et al and love helping to bring access to all fandoms to the masses

Heather M - Programming Lead

What’s Heather Doing?

As Programming Lead, Heather is going to bring all kinds of fun together at the Con.

Convention Background

Heather started at Starfest in the early 90’s and most recently, Denver Comic Con.

Interesting Fact

Heather started with Dr. Who content at Starfest and has done Dr. Who content all across the country.

About Heather
Heather’s a Freelance Journalist and blogger. To date she has met 6 Doctors and a multitude of Companions, writers, directors and actors.

Kirk S - Volunteers Lead

What’s Kirk Doing?
Kirk will be coordinating the volunteer crew for GalactiCon Denver.

Convention Background
Kirk has years of experience and has been around the convention scene in Denver since 1987. Kirk ran the Volunteers for Denver Comic Con for many years.

Interesting Fact
No, he’s not James T. Kirk, but our Kirk started showing up to help out whenever he could.

About Kirk
Kirk has a passion for the volunteering aspects of the con. He wants everyone to have a good time because it’s essential to every aspect of a good convention.

Loreena R - Programming Operations Lead

What’s Loreena Doing?
Loreena will be coordinating Programming Operations for GalactiCon. Programming Operations encompasses many areas, including, security and safety, making sure the programming rooms have what they need and happen on time, and crowd control for the whole con!

Convention Background
Loreena has been working Starfest/Starcon in various capacities since 1994.

Interesting Fact
You may also know Loreena from her Roller Derby endeavors that she has participated in since 2005.

About Loreena
In addition to her volunteer contributions at Starfest, Nan Desu Kan, and her Roller Derby adventures, Loreena also sells some real cute toy ponies!

Mark B - Master of Ceremonies

What’s Mark doing?
Mark will be Master of Ceremonies, keeping up the energy level of the audience on our Main Stage, he will also be MC for the Cosplay Contest.

Convention Background
Mark has been volunteering at Denver-area conventions since 1986 including 35 years of StarFest and StarCon where he worked with the late Kevin Atkins.

Interesting Fact
Mark is also a Tae Kwon Do instructor, an announcer for Denver Roller Derby and a member of Boulder-based community theater group, The Upstart Crow.

About Mark
Mark’s education includes Engineering, Physics and Astrophysics. He has had lifelong interest in Space Exploration and Paleontology coupled with a professional background in Computers, Networking and Information Security.

Michael N - Convention Lead

What’s Michael Doing?
Michael is the Convention Lead proudly bringing us GalactiCon in 2023.

Convention Background
Michael has been volunteering and working conventions since 1982. Michael is also known for helping to start Denver Comic Con and running ComicFest and other areas at StarFest.

Interesting Fact
Michael was a performer in the Rocky Horror Picture Show at the Ogden Theater here in Denver in the late 1980s.

About Michael
Find out more about GalactiCon and Michael's passion for starting it in this Westword profile.

We’ll be posting more information here regularly about the people putting together this amazing new event for the fans of Colorado.