A Media pass entitles you to complimentary access to the event. No further admission is required. To be approved for a Media pass, you must be directly affiliated with a news outlet, which includes mainstream broadcast radio or television, print or online newspaper or magazine, or podcasts.

Approved Media will receive 1-2 credentials for the convention as determined by the Media Lead.

Applicants agree to the following Rules of Conduct:

  • Agree to act in a professional manner at all times.
  • You abide by all of the rules of the convention for attendees, including respect for cosplayers.
  • Requesting personal contact info for guests is prohibited.
  • Requests for free autographs is not permitted.
  • Requests for free photo ops with guests is not permitted.
  • Media passes do not guarantee interviews with guests. Requests for interviews, while not guaranteed, should be filtered through the Media Lead. We respectfully ask that you NOT contact the guest directly.
  • Media passes are not to be offered or sold to anyone.
  • Candid photography without a guest’s permission is not allowed.
  • Photos taken are not to be sold separately from their use on the outlet you identify in this applicaiton.
  • You agree to respect the privacy of any attendees that do not desire to have their picture taken or be included in any video.
  • GalactiCon reserves the right to use portions of your interviews and photographs in promotions of future events.
  • Media passes can be revoked at anytime if deemed necessary.

Applicants will receive notification of the status of their request as soon as possible.