As part of our commitment to bringing you the best fan experience possible, we’re thrilled to announce that we’ll be hosting live podcast recordings featuring local podcasters who specialize in fandom-related content.

Our live recordings will feature some of the most entertaining and insightful podcasters in the area, covering a wide range of fandoms and topics. From Star Wars to Doctor Who, Marvel to DC, and everything in between, our podcasters are sure to bring their unique perspectives and personalities to the stage.

These live recordings are a fantastic opportunity for fans to engage with their favorite podcasters in a fun and interactive setting. You’ll have the chance to participate in Q&A sessions, interact with other fans, and even get a behind-the-scenes look at how your favorite podcasts are made.

We’re committed to supporting our local podcasting community, and we’re proud to showcase their talent and creativity at GalactiCon. Whether you’re a seasoned podcast listener or new to the world of fandom podcasts, you won’t want to miss these live recordings.

Join Brett weekly as he chats with your favorite celebrities from film, television, comedy, music and more. Plus, you never know who will drop in! Thanks for listening and being a part of the show!

Dice Tower Theatre presents Dawn of Dragons - Season 6 Premiere!  The heroes return in Season 6 of the award winning, clean, quality audio fantasy epic. Join the cast for a first time listen to an episode from the new season before it launches, complete with commentary and interactive Q/A! Together we will explore a place where dragons speak, magic lives and wishes come true.

This podcast we will be talking about nostalgia and the history off geekness in Colorado through the lens and life experiences of Geeked Colorado's Chief Geek, Julia Bilderback.

Humanist Trek is a Star Trek podcast about the humanism in Star Trek. Sarah Ray (Trans woman) and Allie Ashmead (Black woman) slingshot around the sun back to the 1960's and the very first pilot episode of Star Trek, "The Cage". Each week, we journey through the Star Trek catalog recapping and discussing the big humanist themes and ideas Gene Roddenberry was communicating through sci-fi storytelling. Learn more, listen and subscribe at or wherever you replicate your podcasts.

The Points Of Interest Podcast (POIpodcast). The Most Generic Podcast on The Internet General Geekdom. Movie chat, Video Games, Life Experiences, Bad Impressions, worse jokes.

The Smuggler’s Dispatch is an immersive, story-driven podcast that follows the adventures of hosts Alex Stewart and Mikel Howarth as they, along with their trust repurposed battle droid CB-7, explore every corner of the Star Wars Universe One topic at a time.